LIFE UPDATE: Living on my own & work.


Hi there everyone. I'm currently at my all time favorite spot Coffeelabs, enjoying my delicious 'End of summer' soup bowl. I wish this was just the name of the soup and not reality hitting me in the face. Goodbye careless days and hello stress. School is about to start and it really hit me while I was carrying the heavy books I just picked up at college. Though this little intro may rather sound negative, I have to admit I'm really excited. Big things have happened in my life the past couple of weeks and I can only tell that the beginning of school will even be a bigger change. No more high school immaturity, time for the real deal.  

Also I recently started blogging for GATE15. Being an official member of their editorial team makes me feel so proud.  I'm currently working on my first assignment, which is the column of 'international student of the day'. Everyday I will be posting a picture of a student on the official account of GATE15. You may not know this, but the past week, students from all over the world arrived in Antwerp to continue their studies here in Belgium. It has been such a nice experience talking to all these people from different origins. I've met people from South Africa, Armenia, Syria, Indonesia, Norway… you name it. I was really surprised by the fact that so many students choose to come over here. But what can I say… it's pretty much impossible to not fall in love with this beautiful city. 

It has been exactly 2 weeks now since I officially moved in. Overwhelming and strange ? Hell yes ! Exciting and fun ? Even more. Feeling very independent and grown up ? AB-SO-LUTELY.  Suddenly itt became clear to me, how much stress comes along with house holding and I'm really starting to get  the rambling of my parents when I still lived at their house. Back then, I didn't understand why they kept cleaning every day over again but now that I live on my own, I find myself doing the exact same thing. It's crazy how quick things get dirty and how many times you need to do the dishes. 

Other than that, living on my own has been nothing but a wonderful experience. I'm really not a morning person, so it has been great to wake up on my own and not having to talk to anyone the first couple of hours. Just me, my morning cup of tea and my Jazz playlist bumping through the speakers. Absolute peace. Walking around in this city also makes me feel inspired 24/7. When I finally felt ready to leave the house, after my waking up routine, I took all the free time I had to discover the places I haven't discovered yet. Let me know if you'd like a blogpost about my latest discoveries and new hot spots in A-town. 

To end this brief life update, I really would like to take a moment to thank my dearest parents for letting me experience all of this. I'm so grateful for everything you guys gave me and words can't even describe how blessed I feel. 

I wish everyone of you an amazing school year with lots of joy, success and memorable experiences.


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