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I'm back with another blog post after realizing that I was seriously failing to write more often on this blog. I have to admit, I'm still finding it really difficult to come up with something that's worth writing about. I don't just want to deliver useless posts that nobody cares about. Luckily one of my bests friends (and committed reader of my blog), Nona, asked me to write about my favorite beauty products. Every time I meet up with her, she overwhelms me with the sweetest compliments on make up and stuff like that so she suggested I'd write more often about beauty. That way I can share my advice with her and the rest of you girls out there. I love reading tips from others myself, so why not share my own online? 

Taking care of my hair is such a struggle, I can't even explain… As I've got frizzy/wavy/curly/weird hair, I really need my oils to keep everything hydrated.  I've been obsessed with argan oil as well as coconut oil (note: that's what the title was about) for moisturizing my hair. If I use the pure version of the oils, I use it as a mask and leave it in overnight. Besides that, I own a lot of styling products that contain a bit of these 2 oils and I can definitely recommend purchasing these to touch up your hair throughout the day. Caster oil is another oil I tend to use, but less frequently that the other 2. It's way thicker and more difficult to handle. That being said, I would suggest that you stay away from oils if your hair tends to turn greasy.

The next product that I highly suggest to all of you girls, no matter what skin/hair/complexion you might have is vaseline.  You may not believe it, but this little jar of petroleum jelly is a true life saver. EVERY single night before I go to sleep, I put vaseline on my lips as well as my eyebrows and lashes. My lips have never ever been dry since then and it really helps to grow eyebrows and keep your lashes in a good condition.

For skincare, I'm really skeptical about products that are available on the market. I don't trust a lot of brands because I find it so important that my skin is in a good condition and a lot of products just  make fake promises and don't do anything to my skin. Luckily, about 1 year ago, I've came across the Clinic 3 step skincare routine . It consists of a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. These 3 babies have really helped to clear my skin. I've never suffered from serious acne, but I do tend to get some whiteheads on my chin and the area around my nose. Clinic is a bit more expensive but it's definitely worth spending your money on because let me tell you, those drugstore brands won't do anything good for your skin.

Last but not least, nutrition is so important. Believe me, you won't ever shine on the outside if you aren't feeding your body with the right stuff. By that I mean pure, non processed food. Ain't nobody got time for diets ! Just make sure you aren't stuffing yourself with junk food on a daily basis. Try to eat as much as home cooked meals as you can and drinks loads of water. I've done a lot of research and my knowledge on food has become quite big so maybe in the future I'll do a separate blog post about this to  go more in depth and provide you with loads of tips.

I hope you enjoyed this post after a long time of waiting and suggestions for a next blog post are more than welcome ! Take care and lots of love.

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