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I just came home from such a lovely day, in which I discovered two new amazing places. As I promised that I would blog more frequently, I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you and give a little review about them. Of course these two are based in the lovely city of Antwerp, because where else would I even go ?  I met up with my best friend, Fleur, and we basically just went from one coffee bar to another and did nothing else besides eating and sipping coffee. Advantage: we keep discovering new places together, Disadvantage: we'll go broke in the end. Anyways, I forgot to mention we did actually do something else… I finally got to show her my own little studio I'll be moving to, starting september. I still can't believe this is really happening and I just want to say I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. Therefore a quick shout out to my parents and let's jump right into the actual review.

The first place I'd like to mention is a coffee bar in the south of Antwerp. It's called 'Kolonel Koffie' and oh god… I don't even know where to start. You may not know it, but I'm starting to develop a passion for interior design and let me tell you, at Kolonel Koffie the interior was more than pleasing. I have a weakness for plants and they happened to have loads of them, which made me fall in love immediately. I find that it gives any space a relaxed atmosphere and I'll sure be putting some in my own studio as well. As for the coffee, it was really really good. They also had some things to eat like cookies, cake, brownies…. you name it. Anything sweet that crosses your mind, they'll probably offer. I went for the espresso and Fleur still had to eat breakfast so she ordered a latte along with a bowl of yogurt/fruit/granola. I definitely recommend you check this place out. Good drinks and food for reasonable prices and a lovely vibe. What do you need more?

The second hotspot I'll talk about is a brunch/lunch bar called 'Tinsel'. We were really hungry after having walked quite a long distance and always wanted to check out this place because of the reviews we read from other people. As soon as we walked in… PLANTS. I was already hooked and knew nothing could go wrong. Choosing from the menu was such a struggle because everything looked so delicious. Eventually we ended up getting both the same sandwich with smoked salmon. Side note: every table is provided with cute little papers to write your order on. (which is a really good concept, in my opinion.) As I expected, the food tasted heavenly and overall it was just a very nice experience to eat there. The staff was really friendly and again… the interior design couldn't be more perfect. If you don't live in Antwerp and you plan on visiting the city, you shouldn't even doubt anymore where to head to. I can't wait to return and have breakfast because they also offered all kind of cakes, which we all adore from time to time, don't we?

Thanks for reading and I'll see you at my next post ! 

Both addresses are listed below:

Kolonel: Montignystraat 51, Antwerp
Tinsel: Vlaamsekaai 40, Antwerp 

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