Before I jump into the actual post, can we please just take a moment to realize I'M FINALLY DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL !! Yes people, I'm writing this post right after finishing my last exam and I can assure you, this is one of the best moments in my life. I've been waiting for this so long and right now it still feels too good to be true. My life can finally start from now on, because I feel like high school has been more of a waste of time in stead of like for most people 'the time of their lives.' I've never really felt happy during high school, due to the fact that I've always lived in this small village, while I belong in the city. But changes are coming… Next year it's my turn to start that time of my life and I'm going to try making the best out of it. But before starting my studies at college it's summer time, which means loads of time to meet up with people, discover new places and of course blog ! I'm glad I'll finally have more time to write and be active on this blog. To celebrate the beginning of the summer I've put together 3 different looks with my favorite black coat, which I bought at my all time fave vintage store 'Jutka and Ritska'.

The first look includes my pink Calvin Klein sweater, I bought at Urban Outfitters. I adore wearing this one because of the good quality (it feels so soft !!). It also adds some color to my closet. The pants are from COS. They're a bit more baggy but still have quite a skinny fit so that's what I love about them. For the shoes, I went with my classic white Reeboks. My backpack/handbag is from Urban Outfitters. I've always wanted to own a backpack like that and I thought this one was just perfect for summer. 

The second one is the most simplistic out of all the looks , though you've probably noticed I pretty much always keep it minimal. I paired the coat with my American Apparel Riding Pants, American Apparel sheer white top, underneath my Nike sports bra (from Urban Outfitters), that you probably can't see because of the camera flash. As for the accessories I went with my Karl Lagerfeld handbag and my beloved Insta Pump Reebok sneakers.

For the last look and my personal favorite one, I styled it a bit more classy. Recently I bought these heels at & Other stories and I totally fell in love with them. There's something about pointy heels that I really like. The pants are the same as in my first outfit. The top is quite old, because I bought it at Zara about 2 years ago, but for some reason I barely wear it. The handbag is also &Other Stories. (it probably already hit you I'm quite addicted to that store…). The hat in the back is from Urban Outfitters. And for the girls out there, if you were wondering, on my lips is the color 'Sandy B' from MAC. 

Let me know which look you preferred. I wish all of you the best summer ever and stay updated for new blog posts, cause I'll try to do my best to be more active on my blog during the holidays. 

Much Love, 

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  1. Nice outfits ! I like the 1st one, I wanted that sweater but I finally chose the white CK tee :)
    We've the same fashion taste, lol ! I also have the same riding pant from AA & I wanted those heels from Other Stories but they were out of stock ! :(


    1. This is unreal. We be twinning on the low lol !! You won't believe it, but I was actually hesitating between the sweater and the white tee. & the riding pants are so comfortable, aren't they? Thanks for commenting Tatiana !


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