Just like any other girl living on this planet, I'm obsessed with shoes. Whenever I'm walking on the streets, judging others their outfits (yes, I do that 24/7), I always look at their shoes first. Shoe contact before eye contact is the motto. Shoes can either make the outfit pop or destroy  it completely. Us girls, we have a lot of choice when it comes to shoes; flats, heels, boots… you name it. Yet, there's one type of shoe that will always catch my eyes first: the beloved PATTA (note: patta is dutch street language for sneaker). I feel like I could never own enough pairs, so that's why, for this blogpost, I put up a list of all the ones that are currently on my wish list. To be true, I started writing this post a while ago and never finished it but meanwhile I was already able to purchase the first pair that was on my list. These babies are called Reebok Insta pump Fury's, which are the black ones on the picture above.Following up is a list of sneakers that are still on my wish list. Funny thing is that I'll never actually own most of them, because of the price but who cares... I am aloud to dream, right ?

The first one is a gorgeous collab between Raf Simons and Adidas. I like them a lot in this baby pink color you can see on the left. They've also got them in a light blue color, which are also very cool. 

These high tops right here might look a bit weird and everything but average to you, but that's just what I like about them. I prefer sneakers that stand out and makes people turn around their head when they pass by. They're made by a true Belgian pride, the one and only Margiela.

Although I already own a basic pair of Reebok Insta pump fury's like I mentioned before, I'd really love seeing these in my closet. At first I was considering getting these, but unfortunately they were only available in the Sandro store in Paris. This is a collab with Sandro and they are quite limited. I love how they took this already futuristic-looking sneaker to a whole other level with the holographic design.

To be completely honest, I don't understand myself for liking these so much… Why ? The combination of the colors red and blue. As you probably already know, I'm not a huge fan of colors in general, so you wouldn't expect me to like these. Nevertheless, I've been having them in mind for so long ! They're created by the lovely designer Raf Simons which we all adore, don't we ?

That was about it for my current wish list but believe me, it keeps on growing every day. Feel free to comment because I'd like to know what your favorite sneakers are. See you at my next post !

Love, C.

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  1. That collabo between Raf Simons X Adidas is just perfect ! ♥Love the colour & the design !


  2. where did you got those reebok insta pump fury's? i've seen these before but can't find them anywhere :(


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