Lately, I've been getting some questions from people, asking what my favorite places in Antwerp are. Funny thing is, I currently don't even live in Antwerp myself… I guess my pictures on Instagram reveal that I like to spend all my free time out there.  BUT exciting news is, that starting september, I'll be moving to A-town. Words can't even describe how thrilled I am for this to happen. It's been years and years of train rides (which costed me a whole lot of money) up and down, to get myself to the city. Now you're probably wondering: why do I love Antwerp so much? Well, the answer is very clear and simple: the city lives ! There's always something to do out there and for me, being bored is basically mission impossible when I'm in Antwerp. Besides shopping for clothes, the city is full of other amazing places to visit. Of course you gotta know where to head to so that's why I decided to share with you a short list of my personal hotspots. 

"The best way to predict the future is by creating it." A lovely quote, isn't it ? And this is just one of the many other quotes hanging on the walls at my all time favorite place for coffee: Coffeelabs. The concept was made up by Idealabs and their idea was to create a space where you can come together with colleagues to work on projects, share experiences, in brief: to be productive. Later on Coffeelabs was created to provide you with fresh, healthy lunch options (the salads and sandwiches are amazing), coffee in every possible way you can imagine and of course, the best desserts ever. I can definitely recommend the vegan brownie with dates and apparently their cheesecake also tastes like heaven. Besides the food, I always find myself admiring their interior design. If someone would ask me how I want to decorate my own place next year, I'd sent them to Coffeelabs and tell them this is exactly what I'm having in mind. Lots of plants, inspirational quotes, sofas with soft pillows… The perfect place to lounge out or on the contrary, get some work done. One thing is for sure, my future is looking very bright. Next year, I'll be studying 'Communication Management' in Antwerp and you will definitely find me creating my future in here. 

Speaking of decoration, this brings me to the next spot I recently discovered. I've always passed by without actually entering the store and I'm so glad my friend Fleur proposed we should take a look inside. This flagshipstore is based in Antwerp but the brand 'HAY' is originally located in Denmark. They sell everything when it comes to furniture design and I absolutely love the simplistic style. Hay is known to stay solid, straight-forward, joyful and functional all in one. Besides furniture, you will also find the cutest minimal accessories. I couldn't resist picking up a notebook and a matching gold pen. I'd thought the last one could hopefully bring me some good luck during the upcoming exams. Fleur also spotted the cutest little table ever and I completely fell in love. I'm not sure if it's because of the plants (might have a little addiction) or because the design itself but one thing is for sure: I need this in my own place. You'll see what I'm talking about in the picture below. All credits go to Fleur for this one.

The next place I love visiting is Antwerp's photograph museum, called 'FoMu'. If you're into art but don't necessarily like old paintings, this is something for you. Located in the south, close to tons of other cute places for coffee (Revista, Tinsel…) it is the perfect place to subside and enjoy some modern art. Fomu has a permanent collection as well as periodically new exhibits. Below, you'll find a picture of my awkward posing skills at the last exhibit I visited. 

Also located in the south, you'll find another one of my recent discoveries, called 'Coffee & Vinyl'. Like the name says, you will find loads of vinyls (their collection is huge !! ) at a fair price. Since I've got a vinyl player for my birthday, I love going to that store to browse through the hip hop & jazz section. The good thing about this store is that they literally have every single music genre you can imagine. I definitely recommend this for all you music lovers out there.  Feeling tired after looking through the enormous amount of vinyls ? Don't hesitate to sit down and relax with a good cup of coffee, while reading one of the music magazines that are available in their store. 

I promised myself not to talk about clothing stores in this post, but for my last hotspot, I just had to make an exception for the &Other Stories shop. My list just didn't feel complete without my favorite store on earth. Yes, I know… these shops are everywhere around the world but still… Everytime I'm around in Antwerp, I just have to visit this particular store. Let me tell you, this is not just some average clothing store. To begin with, their shoe department is basically every girl's definition of paradise. Their heels are the only ones that don't hurt my feet after a day of walking around, so that's a big plus. Also the make up and skincare section is provided with some good quality products. Fun fact: whenever you return an empty packaging, you'll get 10 % off your next purchase. Not convinced yet ? I know the accessories will… No girl on earth will resist their beautiful, enormous and very versatile collection of handbags, jewelry and other accessories. Summer's around the corner and if you're still looking for a pair of sunglasses this is the place to head to for some unique shades. What I really appreciate about this brand is their quality/price ratio. I admit that some clothing pieces may rather be on the expensive side, but I promise you, quality is what you'll receive. Their make up is very affordable, in my opinion, while being as good as high end brands. Last but not least, you should really visit this store just for the interior design itself. I'm not lying when I say this is the best decorated department store in Antwerp. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and that it may be helpful for people, who don't visit Antwerp very often. All the addresses are listed down below. I'll see you at my next post ! 
Love, C. 

Coffeelabs: Lange Klarenstraat 19 
HAY: Ijzerenwaag 12 
FoMu: Waalsekaai 47 
Coffee & Vinyl: Volkstraat 45 
&Other stories: Korte Gasthuisstraat 17 

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