Hi lovely readers,

I am back with a haul including all the stuff I picked up yesterday from an unintended shopping trip… You see, I didn't plan to actually buy stuff but while I was strolling down the streets, all the symptoms of a true shopaholic suddenly seemed to show up… Result? Me owning items that have been on my wish list for a long time but my dad almost ending up with a crisis from all the money we've spent. (I'm joking, it wasn't that bad …) Luckily in the evening I took him to the VERY BEST Italian restaurant in town, which was the perfect way to end our day.

As you've probably noticed in the the image above, our first stop was at one of my favorite stores ever: & Other Stories. After almost 1 hour of looking around, I found the perfect black sweater. Simple yet sophisticated with two lovely zips as the detailing. Besides that I picked up a brow creme to fill in my brows. (you know, us girls need to keep those brows ON FLEEK 24/7) Before I tell you about the other items in the picture, I need to share my love for the beauty range at this store. As a beauty guru, I've been collecting some make up products and they're all good quality and very affordable (which I love).  So far, I've already tried out 2 of their body mists and they've been my favorite fragrances ever since. I highly recommend checking those out ! 

jeans from COS & sweater from &Other Stories 

Next I've picked up a new pair of jeans at COS. Guys… me finding a jeans that actually fits perfectly is a wonder and I can't tell you how stoked I was. I own so many black pants and I've been on the hunt for something different quite a long time. This light grey-ish pair immediately caught my eye and it was love at first sight in the fitting room. Besides that I practically loved the whole collection at COS. Believe me, I had all the money in the world I would turn that store into my personal closet. For now I was a very happy girl to be leaving the store with my pair of new jeans & another simple black tee with the perfect fit.

Ofcourse my shopping trip wouldn't be complete without an item from another very beloved store: Urban Outfitters. The first thing I got was a khaki blouse/dress thingie, but since it was too hard to photograph I will try to show it one time in an outfit post. Most of you know I rarely wear color, but i must say I've been really loving khaki green lately and I definitely plan on wearing it more often. The last thing I got at Urban, which really made my day, was a pair of lovely ankle boots from 'Vagabond". They've got a quite sturdy look but at the same time they're classy and elegant. Meanwhile they've been on my feet for the entire day (I can never resist wearing new stuff the day after I buy them) and they're beyond comfortable, which is a BIG plus when it comes to buying high heels. 

'Vagabond' ankle boots from Urban Outfitters
The last item I bought, is the one I'm definitely the most excited about… I've been wanting to get my hands on this for SO SO long and I'm so happy to finally be owning the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. I've been reading reviews for almost a year and dreaming about this gorgeous product for such a long time. When I tried it out about 2 months ago, I really regretted leaving the store without buying it.  The thing that made me hold back is the price. I admit that 50 € for a bottle of foundation is quite much if you use foundation on a daily basis but… Seriously, I don't regret a tiny bit of splurging on this baby and I highly suggest you get this if you love foundation like me. The consistency is silky, obviously, and it feels really smooth on the skin. Today, I applied it for the first time around 8 A.M and it still looked flawless around 7 P.M. If you intend on buying this, I'm in the shade 5.75 which matches perfectly if you're around NC30 at M.A.C.

I hope you enjoyed this post and since it's Sunday,  I wish you all a very good upcoming week. I'll see you at my next post ! 

Love, C. 

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  1. Great selection sweetie ! I love that sweater. I have't tried Other Stories' make up. I should try once. They looks good quality & affordable too !


    1. Thank you so much & I definitely recommend their eyeshadows. Their blushes are also very pigmented


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