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As I mentioned in the introduction of my blog, I would write my first post about my recent trip to Amsterdam. My friend and I made this city trip  to celebrate my birthday. Since I've came across some lovely places, I figured it would be nice to share these with you. If you ever plan on visiting Amsterdam yourself, which I highly recommend, you'll know where to head to. 

 Lentil Salad & Frittata

We arrived around lunch time and we decided to check out this cute spot called Vinnies. Before leaving, I had done some research and I read a lot of good stuff about this. My expectations were high and oh lord, it turned out even better than I imagined. Everything was just perfect: the staff was really friendly, the food fenomonal and the interior beyond cute. Luckily, we were alone so I had all the time to take pictures of every single angle and detail, including our delicious food. My friend tried the Italian-style frittata and I went for a warm lentil salad with mushrooms. Both dishes were delicious and we were both sad we didn't have the chance to try the other things on the menu.

Next up, yes people, another food place. Right now, you're probably thinking we went to Amsterdam just to stuff our faces full, but I promise we did loads of other stuff. I just can't help that every restaurant we went to, turned out to be ON POINT. In fact, the place I'm about to talk about has made it to my list of best adresses ever. This little paradise on earth, called 'Paper Planes' is located in the centre, near to all the shops. My friend and I both agreed we just had to visit this spot, because of the name. (M.I.A's Paper Planes has been 'our' own little friendship theme-song for such a long time.)  Just before we headed to this place, we were checking out some shoes in a sneaker store and guess what song started playing… EXACTLY, Paper Planes !! This must have been a sign from above and we just hurried our hungry asses over there. The minute we entered, we both fell in love with the interior and the atmosphere. They decorated this place so well, I wish It were my own house.  While we waited for our food, we enjoyed the jazzy music playing in the background. I went for the smashed avo on toast, because I'm kind of obsessed with avocado's. Everything was just perfect and we both enjoyed the food so much, we decided to return the next day.

The next place you MUST visit if you're into photography, is FOAM. This is, obviously, Amsterdam's Photography museum and I highly recommend checking it out. We saw the exhibition of a Japanese photographer who captured his ill wife, starting from their honeymoon till the very end. His art was simply beautiful but also very touching. Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures but I can assure you, it is definitely worth visiting. 

The second museum we visited was also quite interesting. It's called 'Stedelijk Museum' and basically displays all kinds of modern art. From furniture design to paintings and sculptures…  they've got a little bit for everyone. I really liked this buddha because I simply love them and own quite a lot of them myself at home.

I really hope you enjoyed the first part of my Amsterdam post and hopefully it will be helpful if you'll ever visit Amsterdam yourself. See you at my next post !

Love, C. 

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