I thought I'd start with a good old introduction/little disclaimer, before I jump into the actual blog posts. This is not my first attempt trying to start a blog, neither my second… For some reason I never had the courage to continue what I've started in the past. I think this was due to the lack of time and inspiration I was dealing with. Lately (actually, for a couple of months now) I've been considering starting again, since I'm full of new ideas. I feel like I have a lot more to write about, more interesting things to share. No single week has gone by, without me thinking about blogging. You can understand,  I'm beyond thrilled right now to be writing my very first post, on a blog that will hopefully exist longer than the ones before. But you know what they say...Third time's a charm, right? 

As you have probably already guessed from scrolling through the categories, I will be writing about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, traveling, places and spaces I recommend… Simply all the things I love and enjoy in life will appear on this blog. My biggest inspiration, Jeanne, has such a lovely blog and seeing her write about all that kind of stuff, made me so excited to pick up blogging again. You should definitely check her blog out. I promise, you'll fall in love immediately. Another reason why I'm so into blogging is because I'm hoping I'll become a freelance lifestyle/fashion journalist one day. It has been my dream and main goal of my life for such a long time now... Next year, I'll start studying at college and hopefully afterwards, I'll find myself doing what I'm so passionate about.

That was about it for my short, hopefully not too boring, introduction. I honestly feel like I have so much more to tell you, but I'll keep that for my future blog posts. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me on my email address or through any social media. I'll see you next time, when I'll be sharing my second blog post, probably about my recent city trip to Amsterdam. 

Love, C. 

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