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Hi there,

I am back with another blog post. I really wanted my second blog post to be fashion related. I started brainstorming for good ideas and thought: "Why don't I dedicate this post to American Apparel?" And guys, you know why ? The love is REAL !!  I may be a little bit addicted to this brand and I'll start explaining you why.

My personal style is really minimalistic. I don't like anything with a lot of pattern and other complicated stuff. I prefer to keep everything simple and clean. American Apparel sells everything I seem to look for in clothes and in my opinion, the quality is next level good. The clothes are beyond comfortable and never have I got issues like ripped or broken pieces. Every single time I pass by their store in Antwerp, I can't resist to make a quick stop to check out their collection. Even though, it doesn't change that frequently and a lot of pieces seem to stay in their collection forever, I always find a new piece I'd like to buy. Unfortunately, their clothes tend to be a little pricy but the quality compensates the pain I put my wallet through ;)

Not only have they got the perfect ready to wear collection, but you'll also find a lot of cute accessories. Their watches are to die for and this summer I'll probably buy a new pair of sunglasses at AA. What I also really like about the brand is their campaigns. It stands out from other brands and the models they use are never average. They've always got something special going on and the way the clothes are presented, tempts me even more to buy every single piece in store.

One time, I took my dad shopping and let him try on this beautiful coat. At that point, I was so jealous because I couldn't buy it myself. I know, some of you girls out there recognize that feeling, don't you? Anyways, what I'm trying to say here is, that if a brand even makes me want to buy pieces of the man collection, it must be good.  Last but not least, I want to point out the fact that the staff who works at American Apparel is always really friendly and ready to help 24/7. Seriously, I can't say anything bad about this brand but now I'm curious to know… What's your opinion on American Apparel ?

Love, C.

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